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        Welcome to Southwest k-9 Academy Dog Training School.

             Dennis Dalia, The founder, and trainer for over 30 Years.

  •  Let us instruct you on how to train your dog properly with our In-Home training program. We also offer dog training at the local park.
  • We are here to help you with the joys of dog ownership and help you solve any behavior problems your dog may be experiencing.
  • We specialize in Dog Training and Behavior Modification and all levels of Obedience Training.

Unleash your Dogs’ potential with Dennis Dalia

In 30 Days or Less, guarantee we can get your dog to listen to you.

The most common dog behaviors their owners are challenged with every day include:

Jumping        Biting                      People Aggression
Digging         Running away         Pulling on leash
Chewing       Dog Aggression       Other Behavior Problems

Does one or more of these describe your situation?

Our training will show you how to train your dog and provide you with the education and understanding that you need for establishing the proper love and respect required to build trust with your dog.

You’ll learn how to handle any type of training challenges that come your way and how to solve them. We believe in giving you all the tools you need so you can enjoy your dog for many years to come.

Our Mission

Southwest K-9 Academy custom tailors all dog-training programs to fit your needs.  We offer the best training services and support for our clients.  When you book your Free Consultation and Demo with your dog, Professional Dog Trainer Dennis Dalia will evaluate your pet and instruct you how to get the best and quickest results with training your dog.

We give custom, hands-on training to all clients.  Our training is designed to provide tailored training programs that will give you the results you need for a happy, confident, and obedient dog-and a satisfied owner as well.

Some Client Testimonials

Hi Dennis. I’m getting so many compliments on how well trained she is, we know that’s not how she started out. She was a rescue and came from a bad situation. I just wanted to say if we hadn’t found Dennis I really don’t think we could have kept Luna, she would launch at anybody that came close to me or even said a word to me, now she sits when asked, comes when called, she is very obedient. She’s a totally different dog! Thanks to Dennis at Southwest K-9 Academy. He is the best dog trainer. Tina & Pasquale.

My Golden Retriever, Amber, has been going to rally trials with AKC and has 4 titles: Novice, Advanced, Excellent, and Advanced/Excellent. She is currently working on getting her second Advanced/Excellent title. We have been working with Dennis, a professional trainer, and he has really helped us get these titles. Thank you, Dennis Dalia. JEAN & Amber.

I contacted Dennis for obedience training when I first got my puppy from a kill shelter. I knew he would be a bigger dog and also knew I didn’t have the skills to properly train him to be a well-adjusted dog. Dennis guided me to the point that my dog can go anywhere with me. Vickie & Jack.

Libby has a lot of energy. We were looking for a trainer and training program that would allow us to control Libby’s tireless drive to play, fetch, and play some more, into a dog that we could take anywhere, at any time, and have complete control and confidence, on-leash or off-leash. Glenn& Libby.

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Southwest K-9 Academy has been serving these areas for over 25 years:

Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Naples Florida.
Please contact us anytime. Call 941-639-5111. We are here to help you.