Border Collie Training- Punta Gorda

How to train for the real world. Today’s demonstration with Dennis and his Border Collie Lindy. How to bond with your dog.

Whether you have a puppy or older dog, this is a sure way the two of you can share builds and strengthens your bond together. Why I love the breed. They’re so happy to please us when they get the training they need.

Need help with your Border Collie? I’m here for you. Let’s get them trained the right way.

Border Collie

No one expects to bring a new pet into the house only to find out that they need to re-home it soon after its arrival. If you don’t conduct the proper amount of research into your new family member, this can be exactly the decision that you are faced with. Dogs make fantastic family pets, but not all dogs will make the perfect pet for your family. If you’ve been considering bringing a border collie into your home, here is what you need to know:

Breed History;
The border collie is a herding dog who needs a job to live a happy life. The early history of the border collie includes dogs that were used to gather sheep and drive them away from the shepherd. As the border collie was working, he had to keep a keen eye trained on his master in order to receive direction. Through selective breeding practices, the dog maintains many of these early traits and is a pet that has a high-drive to please. The border collie is eager to learn, quick to respond and incredibly intense.

The border collie is a medium-sized dog with a sturdy stature. Although it’s difficult to see under the long fur of the dog, its body is amazingly well-muscled and strong. The border collie is just slightly longer than it is tall and, though there is no standard weight, the dog’s body should be proportionate. The breed is seen in a variety of colors, including merle, sable, solid, bi-color and tri-color. Though any color pattern is acceptable according to the AKC standard, a dominantly white coat is considered undesirable.

Puppies should begin training and socialization at an early age if they are to be well-rounded adult dogs. Socializing your puppy is as easy as taking him to new places with you and allowing strangers to pet him. Because of its strong herding instinct, puppies should also be exposed to other animals at an early age to ensure that they are friendly towards other pets later in life. The border collie will readily bond to its new family, but the dog can be wary of strangers.

Many groups of dogs have their specific health problems, and the border collie is no different. Health problems that are common to the border collie are hip dysplasia, collie eye anomaly, epilepsy, and osteochondritis disease. When you purchase your puppy, make sure that the sire and dam were properly screened for any genetic health problems and ask the seller to show you the certificates or veterinary reports.

A moderate shedder, the border collie typically blows its coat two times a year. To keep your border collie looking its best, daily brushing is essential. You will also need to trim your dog’s nails, clean its ears and brush its teeth or provide dental treats. The border collie does not require professional grooming, but a shave down in the summer may be desirable if you live in a particularly hot climate.

In order to keep your border collie from becoming bored and destructive, you must provide it with a job. Border collies excel in sheep herding classes, agility, and flyball. No matter what type of job you give your dog, daily exercise is absolutely imperative. The border collie is not the right dog for a sedentary family and will quickly become mischievous if left to its own devices.

If you are considering adding a dog to your active family, you can’t go wrong with the border collie. The dog will quickly bond with your family and return as much love and affection as you give it. Socializing your dog will ensure that it is as comfortable with your friends and strangers as it is with your family. While border collies do have genetic health issues, purchasing your puppy from healthy stock will lower its chances of developing these issues in its adult life.

This herding dog will be a fantastic addition to your sports-minded family and will be as happy to job alongside you as it will be training for agility. Remember that as great a dog as the border collie is, it will not fit in well with a family who prefers to watch television than hike through the forest.

Enjoy! Dennis.