German shepherd working dogs

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I thought it’d be nice to share about the breed history.

German shepherd working dogs

The German shepherd dog is an amazing breed of canine. These dogs are used in all walks of life, from home protection to police dogs. Incredibly in-tune with their handlers, these dogs will do virtually anything asked of them. If you are considering bringing a GSD into your home, giving them a job to do is essential. Here are just five of the jobs that German shepherds have been tasked with:

1.Police Dog
GSDs have long been used in police departments around the world. These police K9s are typically used as drug dogs, alerting their handlers to drugs that the dogs are trained to sniff out. If you’ve never had the chance to see these police canines at work, attend a demonstration the next time there’s one in your area; it’s truly something to see. A GSD is trained to both sniffs out the drug and alert their handler with a sit, a pawing motion or a vocal intonation when the drug is found. Thanks to their keen sense of smell and high trainability, GSDs make excellent police officers.

2.Schutzhund Training
Schutzhund training is an activity that the owner and dog can participate in together. You don’t have to be a soldier or a police officer to join a Schutzhund club. During a Schutzhund trial, you and your dog will be put through your paces. Your GSD will be asked to track the scent left by a stranger, follow obedience commands both on and off the lead, and demonstrate its protection abilities by tracking and finding a “bad guy,” holding the person in place until the dog’s handler arrives. The dog will also be asked to display its ability to bite and release on command. This exciting sport was tailor-made for the German shepherd dog, though other breeds and their owners are encouraged to participate.

Thanks to their loyalty and intelligence, GSDs excel as service dogs. German shepherds are used as guide dogs for the blind, seizure dogs for those who suffer from epilepsy, hearing dogs for the deaf and as assistance dogs for the disabled. GSDs can be trained to perform a variety of tasks, such as picking up drop items, alerting to a ringing phone or doorbell, and guiding their sight-disabled owners across busy intersections. Though you would only have your puppy for a short time, raising an assistance dog can be an incredibly rewarding opportunity for the right family.

The military has a long history of utilizing dogs as part of their safety forces. German shepherd dogs have been used in the military as mine detection dogs, sentry dogs, bomb dogs, and even messengers. German shepherds are among the chosen breeds to be used in the military thanks to their loyalty, eagerness to please and high level of intelligence. German shepherds have been utilized for hundreds of years in the various branches of the military and continue to be highly used today.

5.Home Protection
Many people bring dogs into their homes to protect their families. Although most dogs will alert their owners to a stranger at the door or on the property, GSDs are uniquely able to offer home protection. It should be known, however, that GSDs need to be trained properly if you hope to use them as guard dogs. A proper guard dog will bite and release upon your instruction. If you want to utilize your dog as a guard dog, it’s important that you both undergo rigorous training to ensure that you don’t mistakenly raise an aggressive dog. Keep in mind that there is an extreme difference between a guard dog and one that is simply aggressive due to behavioral issues. A proper guard dog is one that has undergone exceptional training and has a steady temperament.

If you have chosen to bring a GSD into your home, it’s important that you give it away to keep its mind occupied. A GSD that is left to its own devices will quickly develop behavioral quirks that can be difficult to overcome. If you love the breed, show your love by giving your German shepherd a job to do, with the training it needs.