Pit Bull Mix Training

Vickie testimonial

I contacted Dennis for obedience training when I first got my puppy from a kill shelter.  I knew he would be a bigger dog and also knew I didn’t have the skills to properly train him to be a well adjusted dog. Dennis guided me to the point that my dog can go anywhere with me.

I love the outdoors and frequently take my dog on off-leash hikes, to the beach, kayaking to islands, etc. I enjoy a close relationship with my dog and the comfort of knowing my dog will not cause any injuries to people or other pets. I consider Dennis a “people-trainer” rather than a dog trainer! Nothing can compare to having the confidence of knowing exactly what my dog’s reactions are to every day life situations.  My dog is a stable, polite joy for me and I can’t thank Dennis enough for that.  I would recommend Dennis to anyone that wants to enjoy a calm, loving relationship with their dogs.