Rottweiler Training Tips Advancing Your Dog Training Skills

Rottweiler Training Tips Video Two Sammy. Six-month-old puppy, 

Dog Training Tips for Beginners- Learn from an expert. Today’s videos with Sammy. Sammy is 6 months old puppy.

This is his second time going out in the real world for his training. Training at the home depot is a lot of fun because everyone you meet loves to pet your dogs. And it’s one of the best ways to get them to socialize. Does your puppy have socialized skills? If not, then watch this video you will love it.


Socialization skills

This should be done in the early stages of puppy-hood.  We have so many fearful dogs with aggression issues because they did not get socializing skills-they needed in the first year of their lives.  Dogs need to be exposed to all different kinds of things like people, and animals, environments, dog parks, others, noises, cars trucks basing by along with any other situations.

By exposing them to all levels of distraction is so important, so don’t let it slip by you, or you will pay the price as your dog get older.  We have so many dogs given up every day do to this.  Not getting the socialization skills they needed at a young age. The best time to start, Is eighteen weeks.

Thank Dennis.