Rottweiler Training Tips

Rottweiler Training Tips – Boot Camp Training, Video One
Training a six-month-old male Rottweiler named Sammy. In this video, you will see how well Sammy is doing with basic leash training in real word distraction.

Getting started with leash training with attention. Dog Training with Southwest K-9 Academy. We offer all levels of Dog Training.


Where the bond begins

Why should you do this with your dogs? Dogs need to be exposed to all different kinds of things like people, and animals, environments, dog parks, others, noises, cars trucks basing by along with any other situations. This will give you better handling skills with your dog, which will make you much more confident in yourself. Trust me” your dog will love you for it.

All dogs go through this type of training with our boot-camp training program. They go for many walks a day, every day that they spend in training with us. This is why all dog owners can now take their dog anywhere they want to now because we provide structure for them. If you are looking for this type of training for your dog, just give us a call so we can get started. I will give you a free demo with your dog, so you can see first with your own eyes how we can train your dog for you.

All dog owners are very happy when they come to pick up their dogs. We love hearing this… that’s why we’re here to help you. Video two with Sammy will be out in a few days from now, so please check back because this will be an awesome video you don’t want to miss. Watch It Here.

Thanks for watching Dennis.