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Some Client Testimonials

My Golden Retriever, Amber, has been going to rally trials with AKC and has 4 titles: Novice, Advanced, Excellent, and Advanced/Excellent. She is currently working on getting her second Advanced/Excellent title. We have been working with Dennis, a professional trainer, and he has really helped us get these titles. Thank you, Dennis Dalia. JEAN & Amber.

I contacted Dennis for obedience training when I first got my puppy from a kill shelter. I knew he would be a bigger dog and also knew I didn’t have the skills to properly train him to be a well-adjusted dog. Dennis guided me to the point that my dog can go anywhere with me. Vickie & Jack.

Hello Dennis, I just wanted to tell you to thank you for all the great training you taught us. Our dogs are so well behaved in public places, on the leash, and off the leash. To anyone reading this, we highly recommend Dennis’s services for any puppy or a grown-up dog.
 Sincerely Alex & Amy and Cleo(Belgian Malinois) & Scrappy(Dutch Shepherd).
Wes Davis
I have been taking dogs to Dennis for over 15 years. I have attended many seminars, group lessons, and individual lessons with several family dogs over the years. We worked with a scared/aggressive rescue dog (Piper) over many sessions and now she is one of the most well behaved pups we have ever had. I have also worked with Dennis on my current pup (Blue) from the time he was a puppy to now (1.5 year old), he has become a great loving companion that is well behaved in all situations. I could go on forever with stories about how Dennis has helped me, my family and most important my puppy pals.
.Dennis comes highly recommended from me!!



Janet Wilcox

I am working with Dennis on my second dog now. He does not train dogs as much as he trains handlers to educate their dogs. He has made me aware of the tone of my voice and how my dog will feed off my excitement, how to read what’s going on in my dogs head as she reacts to other dogs and situations.
He stresses exposing your dog to public spaces, not just the training grounds. He does not tolerate fools; if you do not work your dog he will not continue to work with you. He share his experience and knowledge without reservation. If you are serious about training your dog. I recommend him highly.

Scott James

Having been an ex K-9 handler I thought there would be no problem in obedience training my new German Shepherd. After a few months I knew I had a problem as the techniques I had used previously were not working and causing my dog to shut down during training.
That is when I contacted Dennis and learned due to my dog having a completely different temperament than I was used to a different approach was needed.
After working with Dennis and learning a different approach to training I now have a German Shepherd that is obedience trained and a pleasure to own.
Thank You Dennis.

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