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Dennis, I am so grateful to have found you, and for the unbelievable transformation, I was able to make happen for my beloved pit bull terrier, Bear, even at the advanced age of 4, with your guidance and training techniques.

When we came to you from Naples, after contacting Cesar Millan in desperation, due to grave legal consequences we faced after Bear escaped and nipped a neighbor, I had little hope. I had been advised to put my handsome Beardown and told that there was little chance of his being able to change his negative behavior.

During our first evaluatory session, I saw that you understood the reasons for his wild attitude, and explained how if I was willing to invest the time and energy, we could turn a savage and stubborn dog into a well behaved one.

For over a year we all worked together, persistently, not just in one on one training but at home, in group settings and weekend seminars – and today I have a wonderfully obedient, socialized dog, who greets clients in my antique showroom, does as he’s told and has a completely different attitude. We are still working on refining some minor personality issues and I am so motivated to keep going. Kudos to you for this success story – I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished and am enjoying my Bear so much more.

I look forward to training my newly adopted rescue pups with SwK9 – it is truly a delight to have well trained obedient dogs! I highly recommend SwK-9 Academy and Dennis’s training methods to anyone with a problem dog or any dog at all. Belen Moreno. Interior Designer, Antique Dealer Le Cote Francais Naples, Fla. With Southwest K-9 Academy.

Krista: When we first met Dennis our little Loki was about 7 months old and he had been through the ringer. At 4 months Loki went swimming in a pond and came in contact with a rare bacteria that led to major surgery, lots of therapy, and treatment thereafter. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time making sure he was alive, healthy, and happy. However, we had not spent as much time in structured training. Read More 7 Month Old German Shepherd Puppy

Sandy: A few years ago, about the time we were ready to have a new puppy again, we were lucky enough to run into a breeder of AKC Registered German Shepherds who was giving away her “leftovers” to any deputies at our sheriff’s department. These were pups that she had not been able to sell from her litters and were now 6 months old and out of that cute little puppy stage. My son-in-law took one and brought it out to show us. When I saw the look on my husband’s face, I knew it was time and told my son-in-law if he was lucky enough to be given another free one, we would take it. A week later, on my husband’s birthday, they returned with a 6-month-old black GS. Talk about the awkward stage. His ears were bigger than his head and he couldn’t take ten steps without tripping over his own feet. No wonder no one bought him. But we loved him and jokingly called him Batman, but his name was Zeus. Read More. German Shepherd Training.

Vickie: I contacted Dennis for obedience training when I first got my puppy from a kill shelter. I knew he would be a bigger dog and also knew I didn’t have the skills to properly train him to be a well-adjusted dog. Dennis guided me to the point that my dog can go anywhere with me. Read More. Pit-Bull Mix.

Alex: Hello Dennis, I just wanted to tell you thanks for all the great training you taught us. Our dogs are so well behaved in public places, on the leash, and off the leash. To anyone reading this, we highly recommend Dennis’s services for any puppy or a grown-up dog. If you are looking for a good trainer that understands dogs, then hire Dennis. Read More. Belgian Malinois Training.

Lab/chow mixTestimonials- Southwest K9 AcademyLynne: Lynne Ambrose & Smokey The Animal Welfare League had their yearly fundraiser in Gilchrest Park and Smokey had just bit me again so I thought I would go and see what help was available. I met a woman there from the Shelter and when I told her how Smokey had been biting me and showed her my black and blue arm, she immediately said to me, “Come with me, you need to meet Dennis”. Dennis met with me and asked me what the problems were, did a quick evaluation, took my name and phone number and called me. He came over to my house and gave me some tips on how to get Smokey to stop biting me and how I could take control of the situation. He said I should bring Smokey to classes at Southwest K9 Academy and we would be able to correct his behavior. Read More. Lab Chow Mix

All these testimonials are from our clients. We share what they wrote to us. All testimonials are written by each customer. And are emailed to use on their terms. Southwest K-9 Academy- receive these kinds of emails from students, and we are so happy to share with everyone that visits our website. Home Page.


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